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Cringer is a 40-something gamer who couldn't dream that sharing his gaming experiences could be a career. Today he loves showcasing new games of multiple genres with an international community whom he loves to joke and interact with. Showing off the best a game has to offer and creating stories along the way is his focus. A few bad jokes at the expense of his chat may happen as well.


Husband, father of two and provider of a home for somewhere in the range of 12 rescue animals. He lost count.

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Charitable and volunteer work "in real life" has been a big part of Cringer's off stream life for many years. From running a non-profit to help under-served children play sports to helping his wife rescue and re-home hundreds of animals.

This mindset now carries over to streaming. With over ten thousand dollars raised by his community in his first year hosting charity streams on his channel, Cringer looks forward to continue this work moving forward.

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Cringer has worked with game publishers and developers of all sizes from AAA to indie games. A focus of working with games he has a true interest in helps create a trust in his opinion within his community.

Outside of games, Cringer has worked with several brands he enjoys and believes in. Please feel free to reach out via the contact form if you are interested in working with Cringer in the future.

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